Call Us : 1(844)-776-2276

Call Us : 1(844)- 776-2276

Call Us : 1(844)-776-2276

"Unless Proven Innocent, You are considered

GUILTY in a Road Accident!"


A brand of High Quality Automotive Grade Dashcameras approved by Industry Canada.

Dash Camera stands for you as an unbiased witness
and help you prove your innocence!

Why M-dezires

Built for commercial Drivers

Approved by Industry Canada

Waterproof and weatherproof Outside Cameras

1 Year Full Replacement Warranty

Special Offers

Phone Connectivity

By downloading the M-DEZIRES app on your phone, You can easily view the Previously recorded videos, Event videos locked at the Time of Incident and toggle around with the settings of Wi-Fi Camera.




I did a great deal of research before buying dash cams for my cars, and I am highly satisfied by M- DEZIRES cameras.

Highly recommend them!

Rishi Gandhi
Uber Driver

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