Call Us : 1(844)-776-2276

Call Us : 1(844)- 776-2276

Call Us : 1(844)-776-2276

Dash Cam

For Cars

Key Benefits:

  • Defends in the case of an accident or road incident
  • Crisp Video which can capture License plates, faces and audio
  • Acts as an Action Camera as it captures your drive on a scenic route for a nice memory 
  • A chance to Lower Insurance Premium, as dash camera videos could be used to assess the incident and prevent avoidable and fraudulent claims
  • CVOR driver's abstract could be kept at good ratings by lowering the at fault claims
  • Dual Lens Cameras acts as a strong safety tool for professional drivers and ride sharing( Taxi, Uber, Lyft, Team Truck Drivers)
  • Time stamp feature even provides date and time information along with the footage
  • Parking Mode - Camera detects the motion , records the events and safeguard the video file in a protected folder.

Cab Cam Solutions

Are you a taxi company? 

We have custom solution of digital recording, inside, outside and surroundings of the cab programmed and installed just as per your needs.

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CAD $ 150
HD Recording 1080p
Elegant Super Sleek Design
Upto 64 GB SD Card Supported
M300 Dual Lense
CAD $ 250CAD $ 220
HD Recording 1440p
Loop/Time Lapse Recording
Upto 128 GB SD Card Supported
CAD $ 120CAD $ 99.99
FHD 1080, Wifi
Loop Recording
Upto 32 GB SD Card
Kingston 32 GB Micro SD Card
CAD $ 15CAD $ 9.99
Kingston 64 GB Micro SD Card
CAD $ 30CAD $ 19.99
Kingston 128 GB Micro SD Card
CAD $ 50
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